Day Three

Morning Session

  • Demos
    • Converting a college algebra (or intermediate algebra) textbook from a commercially produced pdf to mbx. Bruce Yoshiwara and Katherine Yoshiwara. The textbook has a non-traditional order and treatment of topics, with a strong focus on modeling and real world applications.
    • Active Reading. Nickolas Chura. Providing an “Active Reading” experience for students, where interactive components (in particular, WeBWorK and GeoGebra) are used in guided, introductory activities. It is not meant to serve as a reference, but it is written conversationally and attempts to focus on developing basic skills and concepts as “homework”. We imagine this working well in a "flipped" classroom.
    • Demo 3
  • Breakout Sessions
    • Sage cell repository group

Afternoon Session

  • Mini Sessions
    • Getting started in XML (Part 2). R. Beezer.
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