Thursday Morning GitHub Session

In the optional "Basic GitHub" session this morning,
I will describe the terminology:

GitHub organization, repository, fork, clone, branch,
pull, pull request, push, issue, upstream, origin, master

I will describe a reasonable setup for how you could host
your book on GitHub in a way that enables an easy workflow
for you and others to contribute to the book. We will
intract with every term listed above.

We will go through the "usual cycle" of making changes
to a book, using the steps which could become your

If you use git/GitHub regularly, then you will probably
not learn anything from the session. (But please look
at the steps listed below and talk to me in person if you
think it should be modified. I am aware that some pairs of
steps can be combined into one command.)

If you want to understand the principles of git, then this
session will not be helpful.

The Usual Cycle (explanations, and perhaps a few changes
or options, to be discussed during the session).

git status

git checkout master

git pull upstream master

git branch newbranchname

git checkout newbranchname

[make changes]

git add filenames

git commit -m "descriptionofchanges"

git pull upstream master

[fix any conflicts]

git push origin newbranchname

[go to your GitHub account, make pull request]

[someone accepts the pull request]

git checkout master

git pull upstream master

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