Github—Day 2

There will be a second GitHub session today, which will
partially repeat and then continue the previous session.
The emphasis will be on the work flow for contributing
to an open source project.

Robin and Lynda have created a GitHub organization to
host their Math102 book. We will fork and clone their
book, make changes, and then send them a pull request.

This will help everyone be comfortable with the process
of contributing to a project, and it will help Robin and
Lynda become comfortable with the process of managing

The first step will be: (We did this last time, but treated
is as one-time work because we were emphasizing the "usual cycle".
Make this into a cheat sheet as you do it.)

find the book on GitHub

fork it

clone it

set upstream

Then you are ready for the "usual cycle"

During the session we will develop a 3rd cheat sheet, for the
people evaluating pull requests.



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