Textbook, Resources, and Other Projects

Textbook Projects

  • College Algebra. Ben Atchison and Mark Morabito. Adapted from other existing open source texts. Ben Atchison is working on the conversion to MBX.
  • Active Calculus by Matt Boelkins. Alex Jordan is working on the conversion to MBX.
  • APEX Calculus by Greg Hartman. Alex Jordan is working on the conversion to MBX.
  • Geometry with an Introduction to Cosmic Topology Michael P. Hitchman. Previously published in 2008 by Jones & Bartlett, I am converting to open-source after regaining the copyright.
  • Modeling, Functions, and Graphs: Algebra for College Students. Bruce Yoshiwara and Katherine Yoshiwara. Converting a college algebra (or intermediate algebra) textbook from a commercially produced pdf to mbx. The textbook has a non-traditional order and treatment of topics, with a strong focus on modeling and real world applications.


Other Projects

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